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Why do my Breakers trip ?

30 AMP, 50 AMP and available power...

30 Amp service is 120 Volt service limited to a total draw of 30 Amp. The power cord from the RV is three pronged. 30 AMP service is the most common in the RV industry and used widely in campgrounds through out the U.S. With 30 Amp service any appliance in the RV can operate by itself, however, due to the 30 Amp limitations, you may not be able to run a certain group or all the appliances at the same time. For example; most air conditioners will draw up to 16 Amps on start up and about 11 Amps when running continuosly. While running the microwave and pulling 15 Amps, you decide to turn on the air conditioner, the draw up to 16 Amps may overload the circuit causing a breaker to trip.  ALWAYS REMEMBER...DO NOT PLUG YOUR COACH INTO SHORE POWER UNDER LOAD..MAKE SURE ALL APPLIANCES ARE TURNED OFF PRIOR TO CONNECTING SHORE CORD !

Below is a reference chart to show typical Amperage draw on common appliances and fixtures.

                    APPLIANCE                   AMPERAGE CONSUMED

                        Roof Air (continuous)         11.4

                    Roof Air (start-up)             up to 16

                    Electric Water Heater         9 to 13

                    Microwave                         15

                    Converter                          14

                    Space Heater                     10 to 15

                    Washer/Dryer                     10

                    Coffee Maker                      5 to 8

                    Blender                              5

                    Refridgerator                      3.5

                    TV/DVD/STEREO                 2

                    Hair Dryer                          5 to 12

                   110 Volt Light                     1

And Don't Forget About the 12 Volt DC Items !

                       Furnace                             10 to 12

                   Radio/Stereo                       4

                   TV Antenna Booster Outlet    up to 8

                   Water Pump                         4

AND ON AND ON .......

    There is a current upgrade going on at a lot of campgrounds converting from 30 Amp service to 50 Amp service to accommodate the newer coaches with all the bells and whistles that consume more power...the RV industry will soon have follow suit...              


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